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Discovery Lessons - The Swimologist

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In this lesson we will assess your comfort level & skills in the water, set your goals, determine the best plan of action and develop a tailored Swim Plan to move you forward. ​


Swim Lessons and Coaching - The Swimologist

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With your Swim Plan in hand, it is time to book a block of time to get started with your private swim instruction in the pool.


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90 Minute Comfort Session​

1 h 30min   |   $199

Got a problem? Get a plan.

In this 90 minute lesson, we will DISCOVER your comfort level and skill. What you feel confident doing in the water and what you find challenging, DETERMINE your goals and DEVELOP the best plan of action for you.

You will walk away with a tailored Swim Plan to move you towards your swim goal. Read More ›

Conquer Your Fear- Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Beginner Swim Lessons - 10hr block

10 hrs   |   $1,499

Build your Confidence & Competence in the Water

Whether you want to learn the basics in the shallow end or take on the deep end, lessons with Stephanie will build your confidence in the water and take you step-by-step through the skills in your personal Swim Plan. Read More ›

Know you want to get started right away? Great. Go ahead, book 10 lessons!

Swim Anywhere with Confidence - The Swimologist

Swim Coaching - 10hr block

10 hrs   |   $1,499

Improve Strokes, Learn Pacing & Swim in Deep/Open Water.

Need a better freestyle for fitness or a triathlon OR want to be able to swim the lake at the cottage?

With your personalized Swim Plan in hand, we will build the confidence and skill you need. In this 10hr coaching block we will streamline your stroke, get you breathing easy, build your endurance and learn about pacing.

Depending on your goal this package may include an escorted open water swim. Read More ›

Know you want to get started right away? Great. Go ahead, book 10 lessons! 

Master Your Technique - The Swimologist
Adeena Wisenthal - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Adeena Wisenthal

PhD, M. Ed, OT

Stephanie is a warm and caring person who exudes enthusiasm and empathy – characteristics that were critical for me to overcome my fear of the water and learn how to swim. 
I can honestly say that Stephanie is the reason I am swimming today.

Margaret Hartshorn - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Margaret Hartshorn


If I can learn to swim at the age of 71, you can, too. With Stephanie as your guide, you are in the hands of an adult learn-to-swim expert. 

Lisa Larter - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Lisa Larter


When I started I couldn't stand water on my face, not even in the shower. I felt like I couldn't breathe in chest-deep water. Stephanie took me from being terrified of going underwater to jumping up and down in the deep end and swimming across the pool on my own.