Conquer Your Fear.

Learn to Swim with Confidence and Joy.

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In this 10 hour block of lessons we will build your confidence and swim skills one step at a time using your personal Swim Plan.

Your personal Swim Plan will be created during the Discovery Lesson or your first Beginner Lesson. 

10 hrs   |   $1,499

Conquer Your Fear- Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

In your lessons you
can expect to learn:

 Your Swim Plan will be customized using the five-step Swimology learning method


Hear. See. Progress from easy to hard.

You will learn the science behind each new swim skill, it will be demonstrated for you and broken down into easy to learn progressions.


The support you need to learn.

You will be supported either physically or with the aid of swim equipment like a flutter board or floating barbell so that you can learn each new skill with the proper support.


The space to do a skill by yourself. 

Once you have mastered a skill with support, you will move on to performing it solo.

Verbal cues, intermittent support and feedback will help guide you.


Practice. Practice and tweak.

You will practice each skill and receive clear and specific feedback to help you perfect your technique. You will also receive support where needed.


Independently perform a skill.

You will be able to demonstrate a skill yourself without even thinking about it.

You no longer require support or verbal cues.

We always start from where you're at and move at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

​During your lesson you can: ​
  1. Ask questions at any time.
  2. Ask to skip a skill we are practicing should you feel overwhelmed.
  3. Let Stephanie know how you learn best and request to practice again any skill you feel shaky on.
Learn to Swim with Confidence and Joy - The Swimologist

Have you bought into any of these myths about learning to swim?

Beginner Swim Lessons is the place to BUST THROUGH those myths.

Every dedicated student who has hopped in the pool with Stephanie has successfully learned how to swim!

Her oldest client to date was 77 years old, proving that it is never too late to learn. Another client, at the age of 73, spent just over a year secretly learning to swim so she could surprise her family at the pool. You can see her story here.

Everyone, regardless of their age or ability, deserves to feel comfortable and confident in the water.

Eliminate Your Fear- Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist
Adeena Wisenthal - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Adeena Wisenthal

PhD, M. Ed, OT

Stephanie is a warm and caring person who exudes enthusiasm and empathy – characteristics that were critical for me to overcome my fear of the water and learn how to swim. 
I can honestly say that Stephanie is the reason I am swimming today.

Margaret Hartshorn - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Margaret Hartshorn


If I can learn to swim at the age of 71, you can, too.
With Stephanie as your guide, you are in the hands of an adult learn-to-swim expert. 

Lisa Larter - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Lisa Larter


When I started I couldn't stand water on my face, not even in the shower. I felt like I couldn't breathe in chest-deep water.
Stephanie took me from being terrified of going underwater to jumping up and down in the deep end and swimming across the pool on my own.