Eliminate Your Fear.

Discover Your Potential.

Confidently Reach Your Swim Goals.

Are You Looking for the Perfect Instructor?

Perhaps you’ve run into a situation before where you’ve attempted to take swim lessons or receive coaching and you didn’t get what you needed. Maybe your instructor was a poor fit in terms of personality or technique or maybe you just didn’t feel encouraged or confident in their presence. 

This Discovery Lesson is a safe place for you to experience working with Stephanie before you buy a block of lessons so that you can decide if she is the instructor for you. 

1 h 30min   |   $199

Conquer Your Fear- Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

 The Three-Step Discovery Process

1 Swimming lessons and coaching - The Swimologist


your skill and comfort level​

Whether you are afraid of the water or a skilled swimmer, we will start from where you’re at.

First, we will discuss your strengths and challenges in the water, your past experience and then we will hop in the pool to get a more complete view of your comfort and skill.

2 Swimming lessons and coaching - The Swimologist


your goals

Dream of getting off the dock and swimming to the floating dock at the cottage? OR competing in your first triathlon?

Each student has their own unique goals around swimming. We will clarify yours!

3 Swimming lessons and coaching - The Swimologist


your tailored Swim Plan

Using your current comfort and skill level as a starting point, your personalized Swim Plan will set out the learning milestones to reach your swim goal.

You will walk away from your Discovery Lesson with a tailor-made Swim Plan designed to fit you and your aquatic dream using The Swimologist Method and your optimal learning style.

You deserve to learn like an adult (not like a kid) with the support of a patient, encouraging and knowledgable teacher who will develop your confidence and your skill. 

The purpose of the Discovery Lesson is to meet you where you’re at, determine where you want to go and develop the best plan for you to move forward.

Learn to Swim with Confidence and Joy - The Swimologist

Have you bought into any of these myths about learning to swim?

The Discovery Lesson is the place to BUST THROUGH those myths.

Every dedicated student who has hopped in the pool with Stephanie has successfully learned how to swim!

Her oldest client to date was 77 years old, proving that it is never too late to learn. Another client, at the age of 73, spent just over a year secretly learning to swim so she could surprise her family at the pool. You can see her story here

Everyone, regardless of their age or ability, deserves to feel comfortable and confident in the water.

Eliminate Your Fear- Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist
Adeena Wisenthal - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Adeena Wisenthal

PhD, M. Ed, OT

Stephanie is a warm and caring person who exudes enthusiasm and empathy – characteristics that were critical for me to overcome my fear of the water and learn how to swim. 
I can honestly say that Stephanie is the reason I am swimming today.

Margaret Hartshorn - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Margaret Hartshorn


If I can learn to swim at the age of 71, you can, too.
With Stephanie as your guide, you are in the hands of an adult learn-to-swim expert. 

Lisa Larter - Swimming Lessons - The Swimologist

Lisa Larter


When I started I couldn't stand water on my face, not even in the shower. I felt like I couldn't breathe in chest-deep water.
Stephanie took me from being terrified of going underwater to jumping up and down in the deep end and swimming across the pool on my own.